Genuine Lignum Vitae wood plugs


Made to order genuine Lignum Vitae plugs.
The hardest, densest, and heaviest wood in the world. With an extremely smooth feel and density, this is unarguably the most durable and maybe the best wood for high end body jewelry. Rarity, quality, slow growing nature and small size of this tree are all contributing factors to its high import costs. May darken over time with exposure to the elements.

Finely hand sanded and polished with all natural and organic vegan friendly carnauba wax

Handmade to exact sizing within .2 – .3 mm +/- or less

Sold by the pair, if you only need one plug or have any other questions please contact me
O – Rings sold seperately

Common names: Lignum Vitae (Genuine)
Scientific name: Guaiacum officinale, G. sanctum
Origin: Central America and northern South America
Tree Size: 80-150 ft (25-45 m) tall, 4-7 ft (1.2-2.1 m) trunk diameter
Average weight: 79 lbs/ft3 (1,260 kg/m3)
Janka hardness: 4,390 lbf (19,510 N)



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