PTFE White Oval Labret Plug


Made to order oval labret plug from white ptfe body safe plastic

Smooth and comfortable finish with no hard edges

Standard sizing as follows, however these pieces are fully customizable

12 mm wearable length
Slight Concave T-Back with 4 mm wings

Please include any sizing specifics in the notes below, or contact me to discuss your needs.
Larger sizing available by request

Sold individually not by the pair

O Rings sold seperately, click here to add them to your order

Oval and other non circle shapes are handmade to precise tolerances of .5 mm +/-

***My ovals are made to the same circumference of a round plug in similar diameter.  If you wear a 20 mm round plug then the 20 mm oval plug will fit you properly. To measure an existing oval, take a 1/4″ wide strip of paper and wrap it around the circumference of your oval. Mark where the paper overlaps. Check the length with a ruler, this measurment is your circumference. To find the correct size plug divide by 3.14 (pi)***



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