Lab Direct 100% Pure Organic Clear Jojoba Oil 1 oz


Pure organic clear jojoba oil. Great for nourishing our skin and keeping our ear lobes healthy. You will love this jojoba! I purchase this in bulk directly from the lab that extracts it, and unlike cheaper jojoba that claims to be pure, this is ACTUALLY 100 percent pure with no addititives guaraunteed! This is important when treating wooden plugs because the cheaper jojoba will oxidize and change the color of the wood.
May be used sparsley to treat and restore dry wood plugs. Apply a few drops to a soft rag and rub into the plugs. Do not drop directly onto wood as this will over saturate the grain.

This is the best kind of jojoba for stretched lobes because it has been refined and poses less risk of infection then using golden jojoba on and around open wounds.
This also makes it a great choice for treating wood because it is clear in color and will not cause discoloration

1 fluid ounce

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